highly recommended 

a must visit attraction


This is a must see Haunt Attraction. Its a self guided tour through scenes, and thrilling experiences. This haunt is a thrill seeking experience we recommend kids be escorted by an adult. But not mandatory

we leave the decision up to you. This is a Haunt for all ages not designated for a certain age group. 

We’re a premier Haunted House, Attraction, and Tear jerking experience. With  a strong commitment towards expanding and personalizing our Haunt year to year to ensure our experience is one you never forget.  


 OUR  actors

located in the deep woods of owensboro, ky at diamond lake resort 7301 hobbs rd. owensboro ky

over 35, Friendly, highly-trained, and experienced staff/ Actors. 

OUR location



contacts 270 315 3100

open 7pm to 10pm Fri. and Sat. in OCTOBER.



Fright Night Haunted House